Michelle Freed was born and raised in a tiny town in northwest Oklahoma, which provided the perfect material for her endless and sometimes inappropriate running commentaries about social conundrums and human flaws.

Michelle is a speaker, writer, performer, humorist, social commentator, playwright, and corporate communication specialist. She is also a closet disco queen.

She first debuted her one-woman show, Come Dance With Me! (But First Can I Borrow Your Pants?), at the Indy Fringe Festival in 2013, and has since performed it in numerous theaters and for audiences of all sizes. Some of the publications that have fearlessly published her musings include: The Indianapolis Star; The Kansas City StarThe Oklahoma Gazette, atGeist and atCarmel (twin Indianapolis community magazines with a circulation of over 40,000). Her work has also appeared in employee publications for Hallmark, a variety of national non-profit organizations, and literally hundreds of trade magazines, corporate newsletters, marketing materials and websites.

Michelle enjoys writing and speaking about all the things that humans secretly ponder but are too afraid to verbalize, like body hygiene, humiliating circumstances and personal inadequacies. Her small legion of fans regularly bask in the afterglow that comes with reading her columns, secure in the realization that, “there is always someone less capable of dealing with life than me.”

During her college years at the University of Oklahoma, she collected a loyal following of readers (at least 20 by her count) as she shared her humor as a weekly columnist for the Oklahoma Daily, an award-winning student newspaper. None of those awards were due to her efforts. She also served as Editor for Campus Life, an award-winning student magazine a phenomenon she actually did have something to do with.

After somehow obtaining her journalism degree, she immediately erased her memory and focused on human interest writing, public relations and corporate communications for non-profit organizations. She also obtained a Master’s degree in Counseling in 2000, which enabled her to write about people and make them feel better about themselves at the same time.

Michelle lives in the Indianapolis area with two tolerant and very impressionable children. She once had a dog, but it didn’t work out so well. She stumbles through her daily routine with the futile belief that one day she will be a respectable member of society.

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  1. I can totally relate to this sentence having held many jobs in marcom “…focused on human interest writing, public relations and corporate communications for non-profit organizations, where she was virtually ineffective.” Never quite got my Pepsi Challenge moment. I actually live in your neck of the woods. Sorry I missed you at the EBWW. I’ve seen your columns and will be following your blog. Looking forward to reading more.

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