While Michelle Freed speaks almost every day, sometimes she actually does it in public. And although her public speaking range is, quite frankly, perplexing, she has some specific presentations that are wildly popular (at least, that’s what her parents tell her). Here are some of them:

Top Ten Tips for Getting A Life: While this presentation was originally aimed at high school and college students, its message has become just as popular with adult audiences. Why? Because it seems we all need to be reminded (usually more than once) how important it is to focus on the action verbs instead of the nouns. Don’t worry so much about what you want to be (a doctor, teacher, accountant, photographer). Go after what you want to do (explore, learn, discover, collaborate, embrace, dare and grow). The rest will follow.

flyerCome Dance With Me (but first can I borrow your pants?): This one-woman show debuted at the IndyFringe Festival, August 2013. Just under 60 minutes, Michelle wrote, produced and performed this autobiographical monologue that spans the decades of her life. The mostly humorous (but sometimes poignant) monologue combines music and a bit of dancing to explore growing up in rural Oklahoma – right in the middle of the Bible Belt and Tornado Alley.  Dancing serves as a literal and figurative symbol for freedom of expression, self-acceptance and personal strength, regardless of social norms or judgements.

Michelle performed Come Dance With Me six different times during the 10-day festival to a packed house. You can read some reviews here or here. If you’re interested in booking the show, email her at info@michellefreed.com. Here’s a look at the promo video for IndyFringe.

Motherhood and The Wizard of Ahhhh’s: We all fall for it – this idea that parenting (and motherhood in particular) brings with it a magical state of Technicolor bliss. But instead of a fantasy with yellow-brick roads, we often find pot holes and dead ends … filled with complicated play dates, color-coded family schedules and elaborate, Pinterest-inspired birthday parties that leave us stressed and wanting nothing more than to go back to bed. In this funny, interactive and no-holds-barred presentation, we’ll explore the myths and realities of motherhood, recognizing that we’re all human, there’s no such thing as flying monkeys, and perfect parenting is just an illusion.

Old-Fashioned Marketing (or, What You Should Be Doing Offline to Grow Your Brand): Long ago and far away, people used to communicate with verbal expression. It was called conversation. We’ll explore this strange form of self-promotion, along with other ancient marketing tools in this highly interactive workshop, which includes things like: getting out in public; forming potentially mind-blowing relationships within your community; the power of complete sentences; and, striving for socially acceptable behavior.

Don’t Be Such A Monkey! Ever had that moment when you look yourself in the mirror and think, “Who the hell is that?” While many of us start our careers with lofty dreams and inspired goals, we quickly learn that in order to succeed in the corporate world we have to “follow the rules.” Mostly that’s true. But you don’t have to lose yourself in the process (and you don’t have to be the proverbial monkey on your own back or anyone else’s). This humorous workshop helps staff, managers and even the Head Honchos learn to embrace creativity and inspiration in the workplace.

Creative Juices: Where Have They Gone? This interactive, funny and audience-driven workshop explores the topic of creativity, and what to do when the proverbial creative juices stop flowing. Includes the science behind creativity, how we get in our own way, practical suggestions to feel rejuvenated, self-reflection and hands-on activities.

And Now For A Word From Your Therapist: With a background in corporate communications, journalism, writing and … counseling (gasp!), Michelle has learned this: We all should go to therapy. Why? Because our hang-ups always get in the way of success! But there are basic (basic) counseling theories and techniques that can offer amazing insights into our own behavior, weaknesses and strengths (and they can also help you analyze those around you, which is completely dangerous and irresponsible). In this quirky, surprising and wildly inappropriate encounter, you will self-evaluate (gulp), reflect and then throw up. Not really.*

* This is the disclaimer that Michelle was told to include, which tells you that she is not a practicing or licensed psychologist, psychiatrist or any other type of doctor. She did, however, receive a Master’s Degree in Counseling. So take her savvy advice with a grain of salt. Accompanied by a margarita.

 ©2013 Michelle Freed


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  1. Did you say you will be at Theater on the Square Oct 17 & 18? I can’t find anything about it online! How could I find out more and get tickets? I was in Bevs class last night and really enjoyed you! :-). Susan

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